How to use visionary thinking with any team seeking
to discover new opportunities – starting today. 


Testimonial from a client who as benefitted from Creating Shared Vision Training & Certification



Lori Costew

HR Lead of Ford Smart Mobility

“By following the unique methodology in this book, I was able to facilitate a powerful visioning experience that helped senior leaders in our company explore and align around a new future state.”

Juanita Brown

Ph.D. Co-Founder of The World Cafe

"This practical guide provides leaders at all levels with tools and perspectives that can help a team, a department or an entire organization to shape tomorrow, together.”

Barbara Spencer Singer

CEO of Executive Core

“This book is a must for all leaders who want their organizations to remain relevant in the future.”

Dr. Scott G. Isaksen

Professor, Norwegian Business School (BI)

“I am extremely impressed with the clarity and usefulness of this book! The impact on people in so many different organizations has been immense.”

Dr. Geir Lieblein

Profressor, Department of Plant Sciences,
Norwegian University of Life Sciences


“Using the tools described in this book, our students acquire the practical know-how and courage to facilitate important changes through shared vision. Most definitely a book for educators, as well as leaders and consultants!” 


Stop Looking Sideways,
Start Looking Forward.

This book fundamentally reframes the possibilities for how visionary thinking and the creation of shared visions can positively impact an organization's ability to facilitate change.


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Anna Pool    Linkedin  /  Email

Anna Pool
Linkedin / Email

Anna Pool has dedicated over 20 years of her career to talent management consulting, executive coaching, and facilitation of leadership and organizational development. As a long-serving trusted advisor to top leadership, she provides the strategic insight that helps leaders build innovative and collaborative environments where the desired future can be powerfully envisioned and systematically enabled.

As President of Executive Savvy, the consulting branch of Futures that Matter, she consistently serves as a thought partner and facilitator of strategic planning and visioning, leadership development and alignment, and organizational culture development. She holds a Masters degree in Organizational Development from the Fielding Institute in Santa Barbara CA.

Marjorie Parker    Linkedin

Marjorie Parker

Marjorie Parker is an organizational consultant who during her long career has focused on partnering with organizations searching for new ways to support creativity and innovation. She is recognized as a pioneer in applying creative approaches to strategy development and organizational change. Her approach to creating shared vision was influenced by her life long interest in guided imagery and creativity.

She has consulted with senior management in organizations and companies interested in building more innovative work environments by applying creative thinking, imagery, visionary thinking and dialogue in connection with complex strategic issues and long-term organizational development programs. She holds a M.Sc. from the International Center for Studies in Creativity, Buffalo, NY.

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Welcome to Futures That Matter!

We are a think tank focused on accelerating the speed and coherence of leadership development and organizational change through visionary thinking and the creation of authentic shared visions.

We help coaches, facilitators and consultants learn how to use visionary thinking so they can...

  1. help leaders apply the insights of neuroscience and the whole brain to opportunities for change...

  2. so these leaders and their teams can envision and align around shared visions for important organizational futures

Are your clients ignoring the “writing on the wall” in terms of the pressing need for change?  Are they struggling to create alignment around ambiguous but important futures?  Whether you are a coach, a facilitator or a consultant, you owe it to yourself to learn more about visionary thinking and the practical application of neuroscience in order to help your clients find futures that matter.  We have an array of resources and virtual training that will help you quickly learn how to bring new insights and impact to your internal or external clients.

Our programs include webinars and one-on-one coaching to accelerate your learning & development

Benefit from one of our virtual programs. Choose from the following offerings... 

Human Resource professionals can often end up sidelined by administrative and transactional duties that, while important, do not allow them to bring the full power of their capabilities to the table as organizational change agents and cultural leaders. For more information, download the Visionary Thinking PDF.

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Accelerating the impact of HR through Visionary Thinking

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The Creating Shared Vision Training program prepares and supports you through your first delivery of this powerful and innovative approach to designing futures that matter within teams and organizations. For more information, download the Shared Vision PDF...

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Creating Shared Vision Training      $1297.00

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The Visionary Thinking Master Mind Class will help you understand and gain confidence in the practical application of neuroscience and visionary thinking in coaching.  It could be an important step in your career if you want to:

  • Learn tools to access your own visionary thinking capacity to create new opportunities in your life and more quickly access new futures

  • Apply these insights and practices with your clients and help them recognize and move towards what they want

  • Be known as a coach who can deliver innovative, insightful and engaging coaching that leads to significant impact


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